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Presenters & Organizers

Cecile Alice Ledru

I am a practitioner of various body & awareness practices : different massage techniques, releasing of tensions and trauma through neurogenic tremors (TRE® method), movements & inner explorations from ancient Mexican techniques, and voice expression and improvisation. 

I also hold a BA in Geography/Environmental Studies with a minor in Conservation Biology from UCLA 

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Dorothee Busch
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For more than 20 years I have been working as a teacher in adult education - and love working with humans more and more every day! I myself want to learn: "What moves you right now? What leads you here?" My own answers change constantly and has led me to study so far: fashion design, architecture, tensegrity, matriarchy, magic of cards, empathy ... where my greatest teacher is my 10-year-old daughter. My heart is at peace in the balance of Tonal and Nahual, the eternal duality as understood by the ancient indigenous Mexicans.


This training will be given in GERMAN and ENGLISH

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